At Last!...."Avoid Amputation and Enjoy Long Lasting Relief from Neuropathy"
Attn: Neuropathy Sufferers...
(You don't have to become an expert to control the Complications of Diabetes)!
Here's the real problem every sufferer faces sooner or later..
Penni's Story.....
From the Desk of: Jubileez
RE: Relief for Neuropathy sufferers
Dear Neuropathy Sufferer,
If you want to avoid Amputation, save on ever increasing medical bills, or even if you just want to be able to confidently negotiate with your doctor on the most cost effective option for you, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!
Here's why...

Knowing how to detect and control symptoms can mean the difference of becoming an amputee or not!!
A few testimonials- 

Stella J Brandon...USA
Breaks down to lay-man English, the complications of diabetes.
 If you are a diabetic or you have a loved one who is, this book explains exactly what to expect and how to tackle such expectations. It’s quite informative in the sense that it enlightens you on how to avoid these complications.

A lifeline in a box....

Dr Sonia Copeland MD PMH
Your e-book is extremely timely as many medical and healthcare workers need to understand the wide spectrum of complications when diabetes is not well controlled.
Thanks again.

Nicki Tilt....London...
"Neuropathy in Diabetes Unravelled’ is an extremely informative book which outlines the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Neuropathy in Diabetes.
The book, aimed at those who may be suffering from Diabetes or showing symptoms.
 Clearly written and understandable to those who don’t necessarily have a scientific or medical background.

 It does its job well in relaying important information and advice to those who may be worried about diabetes. 
 It is clear from the beginning that this is just to give some information and is not to be used to
self-medicate and that contacting your GP would be the best in this situation,
however, it does give a huge insight into symptoms and explains why this may be happening.

The subtitles throughout the book help in breaking up the information and give the reader the ability to read up on a key area and bullet points used throughout help to make the text clear.

 The fact sheets at the back were a great addition, summarizing important information from the previous text.

Overall I found this piece clear to read and extremely informative.

I think that it exactly does the job that it aims to do, and that is to teach more about Diabetes to prevent serious complications in those who suspect that they may have it.

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...
For the past 18+ yrs I have been practicing as a pharmacist...

 And the most painful part of my job?.. seeing regular folks come in, time and again to the pharmacy looking for that one thing ...whatever that can make that stabbing pain go away.
  I know that these "band aid" solutions are only for temporary relief, or why would they keep coming back with more prescriptions, month after month?
The 30 Minutes Text Chat That Changed Everything...

"Hey, I just got my problem foot amputated"
It was just another Thursday evening! And, on my way home...Relieved and feeling thankful I finally finished my shift for the day. I was looking forward to getting home, put my feet up and do some meditation. 

I wasn't going to check my email, phone or even watch the TV after work that night. ( My special detox solution I indulge in once in a while). I was actually doing great with it until that Thursday night!

I heard the text alerts buzzing like bees on my phone... I thought to myself, " whatever it is can wait til' tomorrow"...It was just past midnight and another set of text alerts came in. Annoyingly, I grabbed the phone and switched it off...

What could he possibly want that couldn't wait til' the next day? 

Well, I'll find out in the morning.
 A friend I haven't spoken to, in months had left that "Heart Shattering" message... he finally got rid of the "problem foot" by amputation. 
I was GOBSMACKED!!  Felt SICK to my stomach.. I felt so bad.
I knew he suffers from diabetes but never knew the extent at which the seemingly silent symptoms have crippled his nerves, especially in his feet. 
I deal with diabetic patients almost every day at work.

What could I have done differently to help my friend and prevent his leg from amputation? 

Yes, there're lots of diabetic clinics around but how many of us take that "so much needed" time out of our ever demanding work schedule to take good care of ourselves?...I know I'm guilty of it.

My friend just became part of that statistics.

I knew there's got to be better ways to help other sufferers avoid the fate my friend has just been dealt with. 

 A chat with a friend who happens to be a doctor (in diabetes & nutrition) and a public health Specialist and an "Adjunct lecturer confirmed what I see every day in my practice and had known all along!


At the 2015 Diabetes World Summit, it was revealed that 387 million people in the world had diabetes. Over a year later, that number shot up to 415 million– 
Is that alarming enough?
There's more...the IDF predicts that by 2040, this will reach 642 million…
Does This Sound Like You?
Have you seen some of the so called pro neuropathy treatments out there that promised you a life free from pain and suffering, but in reality....never happens?
Do you dream about having that lifestyle your “Normal” friends or family enjoy?
Do you experience Symptoms like this?
Well, my friend's unfortunate experience gave me a "glaring awakening" and ignited a desire in me that I have truly never felt before...
To make an impact ( no matter how small or insignificant it looks).
 I decided to try and make a change.
I asked a lot of questions from the experts in the diabetes field.

And after 9 & 1/2 months of intense research and interviews with the 2 doctors, a simple, streamlined report on how to detect and avoid the dangerous complications of diabetes neuropathy was created.
I Truly appreciate what a diabetic patient goes through is an "UNDERSTATEMENT".
 From the moment diabetes is diagnosed to the point the right drug management is established..

What an extremely transformational and Emotional journey indeed!
It goes way beyond just dispensing some insulin vials or pens and anti-diabetic pills...

 As a matter of fact, it is estimated that around 10.4 million diabetes prescriptions are dispensed yearly in the US alone....
And every minute you wait on the "what if's" is a time lost. A time you can't buy back! The damage to the nerves is progressing..

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg of What You Get in the Report/Audio Series...

*Understand how to differentiate between Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral nerve damage, so you can reduce or even prevent the neuropathic pain and muscle wasting.

*Learn how to detect and avoid the risk factors of neuropathy 
*Discover how you can get immediate answers from the practitioners without wasting time

*Discover some of the available treatment options that work for your specific lifestyle.

*Learn how to decide on which healthy lifestyle changes you can implement RIGHT NOW to reduce your chances of getting neuropathy

*You will learn how to slash your healthcare cost in more than Half.  The big Pharma doesn't like this!
* Discover how you can STOP neuropathy from Ruining your love life!

* Understand how to stop neuropathy from controlling your heart, and other organs.

* Discover why the compression syndrome is important to you
* And the list goes on...

Can We Fast Forward 30 Days into Your Future?
* Would you spend more quality time with yourself and loved ones?

* Would you feel confident about yourself with no fear of being a burden to your friends and family?
* Would it put more money in your pocket by reducing your healthcare bill?

* How about your productivity? In your job or business! Would you accomplish a whole lot more than what you’re doing currently?

* Would you take the time to explore life more, smell the roses and fulfill some (or ALL) of your bucket list?
                                Could you even put a price tag on living a LIFE well worth living!
Let Me Introduce to You.........

Diabetic Neuropathy Control-Report/Audio Series
So Here's The Bottom Line With Diabetic Neuropathy Control Report/Audio Series....
The report and the audio series are divided into 22 simple,"bite-sized" topics..
 where we literally take you by the hand and empower you to become your own advocate and a well informed active partner with your doctor.

You will know how and when to be vigilant and proactive even in the absence of symptoms!
You’ll soon realize that EVERY short chapter is a “Life Line” to your overall well being in controlling the detrimental nerve damage that results from an uncontrolled Diabetes.

You get all of these for a discounted price of only $47...

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
Bonus #1: The Pocket GUIDE to diabetic foot care
Discover how to keep your feet far from the pins and needles many diabetics experience.. Don’t Let Surgery Be An Option…
Bonus#2: Stress Management Guide (Learn simple ways to stress-proof your life with these Stress Buster "Happiness in a Box" Secrets).
Bonus# 3: Compiled Resources on diabetes and diabetic neuropathy care. You'll be able to learn from others' mistakes so you don't fall into the same trap.
Bonuses 4 & 5: A Special Surprise waiting for you in the access area!
These bonuses have a total value of between $194 and $300... but they're yours only when you act now!

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To Your Best Health Ever,


P.S. - Remember, every minute you wait is a time you can't get back. Take action now. This would be the best decision you'd make regarding your health and life!
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